Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shrub Monkeys #57

Me and the siblings popped by an anime convention last sunday, which also happened to be in the same building as a Motorcycle show (they had to pass through the anime area to get to their convention area).

Now I'm not saying Motorcycle enthusiasts can't be anime fans or vice versa, but man, the motorcycle folks I saw looked scandalized to see the cosplayers running around laughing, glomping and generally otaku-ing all over the place. The contrast itself was just so funny in a you-can't write-this-stuff kind of way.

This man and his son stuck out most in my mind....you know he's been trying to raise his kid to be a tough cool guy, but after this experience, maybe we'll see him at Anime North dressed as the next great Man-Faye!


Amanda said...

Very cute 8) I like the biker.

Hesbell said...

ah man faye. what ever would we do without you!

potato farm girl said...

Oh god, Man-faye, why do I have to know of his existence?!

Lubomir said...

LOL it's so much funnier because it's true, I wish saw it. Merry Christmas KT, and say hi to Gerry!