Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cappuccino in Space

I drew this up for my talented GirlAMatic pal Tara Tallan, creator of the sci-fi comic series Galaxion. Tara's Galaxion holds a special place in my heart as my first introduction to independent comic making. Back in '95 I was routing around the local "Comic Dungeon" and chanced upon her mini comic prints and was instantly inspired. Before that I'd always thought comics were only made by the big fancy production studios, not by individuals with access to a photocopy machine! Right after that I started making a whole bunch of my own mini print comics; a couple fan comics, then a short lived series of my own called "Closet Boy"... because he could travel to alternate universes through closets... yup!

... and then I went to college and stopped drawing plot-driven stories and just dabbled in internet gag strips. Weird!

...oh! And I didn't draw the earth, I swiped that from google.


Hesbell said...

thats soooo cool!!!! the galixation girl asked you to do that?! woaaaaaah!

courtney said...

i just found your blog and you've got some AMAZING work!! girl, you've got talent!! i never really got to see any of your own stuff when we worked on BB. i really love your colouring too! and i love the pink sailor moon girl :)
keep it up, i want to see more!!