Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Iggy Potter!

Well, now that it's airing I can finally post some just-for-fun pics I did while at work! :) These characters are from Iggy Arbuckle (a cartoon I worked on). This pic's from last Halloween, but I think it's appropriate to post now seeing as it's the final count down for the last Harry Potter book! I know I'M excited! *UPDATE* Saw it, loved it, must make Potterific...

And this one I did for my mum... personally I think Jiggers looks his best in drag ^___^

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Pickle said...

Go, HARRRYYYYY!!!!!! Love your art. And hey you're not the only one excited. I'm going to wear my Luna Lovegood lion hat (it actually roars) and wait in line till midnight. It should be great!