Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hey there, it's Kt Shy from Closet-Space. Just getting a brand new blog started to coincide with my soon-to be moved website, (formally known as The reason being; I needed a site redesign, but couldn't think of anything clever and appealing along the closet theme that wasn't either a Monster's Inc steal or made things look shelved or forgotten. The whole reason it was called closet-space was because it related to my very first self published original comic "Closet Boy" which only my family and a few select friends have actually seen.

Also... my online handle is Ktshy, so more people associate that with me than "closet-space".

I'll keep the old open, but will be posting all new material here.

Thanks for keepin' track of me! :)

~ Kt


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I will update my address books! haha
Funny sketch - I love the live action mouth.