About Katie

Cartoonist, animator, story artist, comic artist, film maker, shenanigans.

Hello! I'm Katie Shanahan (I also go by the web handle "ktshy") welcome to my blog! I'm a cartoonist, animator and story artist from Toronto, Canada. A graduate of Sheridan College's classical animation diploma program, I've worked professionally in tv-animation for 10 years as a storyboard artist, character designer and animator on shows for PBS Kids, Mattel and National Geographic Kids.

When not storyboarding my face off, I like to make comics. "Silly Kingdom" my first self published comic (created and written by my brother Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan) was nominated for two Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Awards in 2012. I also have comics published in critically acclaimed anthologies such as "Flight"(Ballantine Books), "Explorer" (Abrams Books), "The Anthology Project" and "Womanthology" (IDW Publishing).

Published Comics:

Silly Kingdom: A New Steed Indeed (written by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan) available to order as a book or digital download at www.sillykingdom.com

Valor: Fairy tale comic anthology (Available at Fairylogue Press)

Demane and Demazana (adapted by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan) as part of the Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition comic anthology.

Radio Adrift (written by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan) as part of the Explorer: The Lost Islands anthology collective)

Shrub Monkeys (The collected webcomic) available in our online shop and ships world wide!

Silly Kingdom (written by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan) available to order as a book or digital download at www.sillykingdom.com

Tatterhood (adapted by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan as part of the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales comic anthology.

Margarite and Leopold (written by Joamette Gil with colour by Mary Bellamy) as part of Womanthology 

Buttons and Jim (written by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan as part of the Flight: Volume 8 anthology collective)

Hello (A short story I created for The Anthology Project: Volume 2 collection)

Fairy Market (written by Steven "Shaggy" Shanahan drawn as part of the Flight: Volume 7 anthology collective)

Musical Misfit (an auto-bio comic made for Side B: A Music Lover's Comic Anthology)

Web Comics:

Shrub Monkeys (my goofy auto-bio webcomic.)  Rating: some mild language and overall sillyness

Simply Potterific (my nerdy old Harry Potter gag comic)

Animation Credits:

Tarzan and Jane, Max Steel:Team Turbo, Barbie and Her Sisters: The Great Puppy Adventure, Barbie and Her Sisters: A Pony Tail, Ever After High, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, GrojBand, Jhonny Test (seasons 4, 5 and 6), Wild Kratts (seasons 1, 2, 3,  4), Mia and Me, Super Why, Iggy Arbuckle, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear (season 3), Carl Squared (season 1), Caillou (season 3)

Published Illustrations:

Monstrosity (Vol. 2) Comic Anthology
Broken Pencil Magazine (issue 56)
Girls Drawing Girls Volume IV: The Way Nature Made Her (available in the GDG online shop)
Digital Artist Magazine (issue 20)

Gallery Showings:

"Meatball Head" An art gallery tribute celebrating 20 years of Sailor moon (August 2014)
"Black, White and Read All Over" An exhibition of Canadian comic artists in partnership with the University of Toronto, Pearson Airport and the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 2014)
"The Wes Andershow" An Artistic Tribute to the Films of Wes Anderson (March 2014)
"Toronto Draws" Gallery show and Fundraiser for The Comic Legends Legal Defence Fund (Nov 2011)
"Marla Bea Benefit" Comic Art Auction for Breast Cancer Research (Oct 2011)
"ACA Small Works Exhibition" (Sept-Nov 2011)
"The Art of Survival" Art auction fundraiser for Cancer Relief (May 2011)

Graduated with honors from Sheridan College's 3 year Classical Animation diploma program.

Contact: shanahan.katie@gmail.com